Key figures

Turnover (2013) 14 M€
Allocation France / Export 85% / 15%
Workforce 62
Average annual tonnage (T.) 3.200
Capacity of production (T.) 5.500
Customers 250
Formulas in use 1.800
R&D Investment (%T-O) 6%
Equity (group) 3 M€


Evolution of turnover

Before the 2009 crisis, between 2005-2008, the turnover has increased by approximately 15% a year.

This increase is mainly explained by the following factors: :

  • Coherence and quality of our products' and services' offer based on our knowledge of  industrial coatings' systems
  • Significant R&D investments to develop new technologies of coatings' systems
  • Confidence and fidelity of our customers

In 2009 the sales' decrease was important but we encountered mainly a reduction of the consumption of our customers instead of market share loss. In 2010, with an intensive prospection, the turnover has increased significantly and in 2012 we reached the same activity level as before crisis