Meeting environmental challenges

Today, protection of environment and sustainable development are at the heart of the concerns of the industry and constitute a major stake for the organization of the processes of production.

In this context, Alterpaint should provide the suited solutions by the development of ranges allowing its customers to conform to the EEC requirements regarding emissions and regarding release of pollutants, contributing to the elimination of environment harmful substances and complying with the REACH and CLP rules.


Since 1999 our plant has came under the regulations of Installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment. In this context, we are subject to numerous annual controls allowing to verify and to give evidence of our conformity.

Beyond the expectations we implement regularly additional measures allowing to strengthen the safety of persons and property and to reduce our environmental impact as the implementation of emission control scheme, volunteer firefighters in our production teams, recycling wastewater...

These actions will be strengthened in the context of the implementation of our new plant in 2014 in order to raise our performance level and prepare for ISO 14001 certification.