Processes and means of production

All our products are manufactured in our plant in Mer according to rigorous processes of production and under the continuous control of our laboratory of production monitoring itself supervised by our research and development unit.

Components of coatings' systems

Liquid paints are composed of a binder, fillers and pigments, a diluent and several additives or agents:

  • The binder is a filmogenic material which confers on the paint its physicochemical characteristics. This component also assures the adhesion of the paint to the substrate and allows linking all the components between them. The binder has generally an organic nature, polymers or oligomers, and which, according to selected technology and dosage, brings to the paint a significant influence on its aspect, its strength and its durability.
  • Fillers are generally pulverulent solid materials which do not affect directly the tint. They have economic, technical or mechanical properties.
  • Pigments affect mainly the tint or the protection against corrosion.
  • Agents or additives are chemical components used in very small quantities which allow setting adjust different properties of the paint and to assure its stability: preserving, drying, cross-linking, dispersing, blistering, coalescence...
  • The diluent (solvent / water) is a simple or composite volatile liquid required to keep the paint thin before its application. It has a temporary function and its evaporation assures the drying process.

The drying of paints results from evaporation of solvents and can be also obtained with a chemical process such as cross-linking or oxidation.

Stages of production

Stages Targets
Preparation of batches Preparation of the different batches' components
Mashing Production of a liquid or pasty homogeneous mixture for the grinding process. Production of a dipsersion of components for batches without grinding process.

Grinding of the mash base in order to obtain the required fineness.

Finishing / Colorimetry Adjustment of the batch properties and tint following the manufacturing specifications of each product.
Packaging Packaging of the product in can, cask or IBC.


Means of production

Synthetic display of our means of production

Plant (Mer) 22.000 sq. m. of which 5.800 covered
Stock of Raw materials 2 monthes of t.o.
Stock of finished goods 1 month of t.o.
Organization of production 1/8
Colorimetry 3 persons
Size of batches from 5 l. to 10.000 l.
Industrial equipments 5 Dispersers / 5 Mills
Mill units from 35 l. to 1.000 l.
Mixing units 2
Transports 3 trucks