Our business : special coatings

In the past Alterpaint has primarily built its range of products on solvent-based systems. If it continues today to improve these products in order to maintain them at the best technical level, it completed its offer with a large range of water-based coatings’ systems. These products, whose demand did not stop increasing these last years, represent today near the third of its production and allow to answer in the best way to the new environmental standards with, as an essential objective, to reduce the emissions of V.O.C.

But, first of all, our business is still to design special coatings’ systems through which we supply our products to more than 250 customers with the most diverse requirements and closely linked both to their production and to their environment of use.

So, with a knowledge base of more than 1.800 active and more than 8.000 stored formulas, Alterpaint is able to find the solution which will fulfill to each one’s expectations and, if necessary, to provide adaptations to new requirements.

Because of our knowledge is not restricted to existing solutions, we invite you to transmit us your need by means of the questionnaire of consultation at your disposal in the section: Consult us. We will come back to you very soon in order to go deeper into your need and to propose our best solutions.