Alterpaint's values

Because of the requirements and the constraints of the industry, Alterpaint has as a constant goal to provide to its customers the most efficient and the most fitted solutions. This goal implies a general organization of Alterpaint's means around 5 commitments of performance.

Our commitments

A positioning on industrial special coatings' systems

In order to assure the availability of an expertise on systems fully dedicated to the industry and a real knowledge of the requirements of this sector.

High added value products

By focusing our efforts on the technological content and on the proposed products' efficiency.

Integration of the design's and sale's processes

For taking into account the needs and the customers specifications as criteria into product's development and formulation.

Expertise on application's processes

In order to assure the operational capacity of the provided solutions in specific contexts of use and to help our customers to define and implement their process of application.

Mastery and control of our processes

To secure permanently our flows and supplies :

  • ISO 9001 certification since 1995
  • Integration of all processes in our Information Systems including customers' claims and data quality management.
  • Integration of all departments in the same function charts oriented to desision-making
  • Intégration of support services : ex. Transportation...