History of Alterpaint

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Since its foundation in 1973 in Paris, Alterpaint designs, manufactures and markets special coating’s systems fully dedicated to the industry. Established today in Blois (France) and with a team of more than 70 employees in the service of always demanding customers, Alterpaint continues its development successfully.

Certified on the ISO 9001 standard since 1995, Alterpaint considers quality process as a principle for organization and management. Concerned to keep itself on the best standards, Alterpaint has begun the certification’s process on the ISO 14001 standard.

Since 2009, the company is a member of BPI France Excellence Nework which gathers together 2.000 small and medium-sized firms with high potential of development.


(c)L'avaraysienne - photo Michel Brin - pilote Didier Gaunel
  • 1973 : Foundation of the company Alterpaint by Laurent & Thierry Planeix in Paris
  • 1982 : Buy-out of the company Bartolac
  • 2001 : Foundation of the company Eurocoatings in Blois
  • 2005 : Achievement of the business transfer process of the companies.
  • 2007 : Gathering of all the companies on a single plant in Blois
  • 2009 : Bartolac becomes the family holding company an implements its head office in Tours
  • 2010 : Implentation of a R&D master plan and of a strategic plan of development
  • 2013 : Opening of our German Desk (Waldkirch) and launch of the building's process of our new plant in Mer
  • 2014 : Commissioning of our new plant in Mer