Products and solutions with a high added value

Alterpaint offers a large range of solvent and water-based coating’s systems, high solid, very high solid, mono or bi-layer, single or two components. This range is workable in the most part of application’s systems generally operated in the industry: spraying’s or dipping’s systems. It builds up a knowledge base which covers the most part of industry’s needs and complies with rules evolutions.

Furthermore the means of our Research & Development unit and the spirit our marketing approach allows us to propose, beyond existing solution, a high level of customization for specific requirements.

Our ranges are regularly assessed by external laboratories within the framework of the approval requests of our customers which contributes to certify the quality of the provided solutions. We apply a complete traceability process on our productions and each step of production is covered by strict conformity controls according to our customers’ requirements.

Working out a fitted solution

First of all, the developpment and providing of a fitted solution go through a precise and concrete definition of customers' needs.

It is done by our Commercial Engineers who are specifically qualified for estimating the need with the best value for money.

In this way and with the support of our technical department, the coating's system will be designed and subject to all the tests according to the customers' specifications prior to any industrial try.

The presentation of the product as the industrial try will be done only with the support of the commercial engineer in charge and the product's design engineer.

We consider that the technical support, the technical advice and the control of the process of application must be permanent and handled in a close collaboration with the customer.