Research and Development

An absolute priority

Every year Alterpaint invests more than 7% of its turnover in innovation’s projects for improving the existing ranges and developing new coating’s systems according to its customers’ requirements and in compliance to the rules’ evolution.

A team of 11 persons made up mainly of skilled engineers in formulation operates in a laboratory unit equipped with all required means for testing the developed coating systems. On one hand, this unit is able to check approval standards considering required specifications and, on the other hand, fulfill the development in the closest context to the real industrial conditions.

The R&D department undertakes yearly more than 300 studies and has a dedicated unit to the research on raw materials in order to be able to include in our developments the latest know-how and to secure our supplies.

R&D Master plan

Because of its strategic dimension a 3/5 years master plan was set up for the R&D resources and project steering. Its main objectives are:

  • To identify the R&D priority programs
  • To organize and to structure the means around the projects
  • To plan and to perpetuate the resources required by the realization of the programs

The recognized innovative character of our R&D programs, the scale of the invested means and the carried attention on an active control of the projects allowed us to benefit from the support of OSEO Innovation and from the FEDER.

Evolution of R&D investment

Our research efforts rewarded !

Stemming from our research programs, our range of dipping water-based coating systems received a price of innovation in 2010.