Organization & Business development

Established in 1973, the group designs, manufactures and markets special liquid coating systems solely dedicated to industry concerns:

  • Valuable and reliable systems
  • Environmental and economic efficiency
  • Technical support and services

The Group’s value chain is made up of 4 different companies.

We got our start supplying the Iron and Iron cast industries. Our model has shifted over the years to address new business developments such as making R&D investments that helped these industries with their migration from solvent-based to waterborne solutions. As a result of innovations made during the last 5 years, our coating solutions now address a wide range of industrial scopes and substrates such as: Iron, Iron cast, Flat glass and blown glass, ABS, Aluminum, Stainless steel and Carbon, for both protective and decorative purposes.

Right from the design phase, we organize the production of our future product ranges on the basis of an assembly of sub-components allowing the ultimate customization of the product as close as possible to the end customer. This results in a high level of flexibility and, through strategic partnerships, enables extended marketing of our products beyond our geographical area.


We offer our customers a wide range of solvent-based or waterborne coating solutions which meld environmental and economic efficiency in mono-, two- or three layer systems, in accordance with industrial requirements.

Our coating solutions allow our customers to comply with European and international safety regulations. Because of their high level of customization, our coating systems offer our customers the level of performance they expect and are custom designed to fully address specific application environments.

R&D / Innovation

Leading innovation…by way of marketing, research & technical Survey.
Supporting its growth objectives through innovation is an essential aspect of the group’s strategy, which has long considered innovation as a part of its DNA.

However, innovation cannot be an end in itself.
The major challenge is to lead innovation while being aware of market trends, needed resources, improvements in technology and business transformation.

A constant effort on R&D expenses
Research and developement investement