Products Ranges

Iron cast


Introduced more than twelve years ago to accompany the sector directly impacted by the new environmental requirements and in search of substitutes to solventborne systems, our product range for foundries is entirely composed of waterborne solutions used essentially as monolayers.

The experience we have gained in this field enables us to offer an extremely successful range of products to discriminating customers who demand high technical, environmental and economic performance.



A long term player in the ACE market, we have become quite skilled at addressing its particularities and requirements. The wide range of products we offer is a testament to the leadership and expertise of our team. Products that are flexible and adaptable to their target industrial markets: economic efficiency plus technical performance (PU monolayer; Very High Solid; Full PU systems;…).

Aluminum & Tubular frames


Active in the bike market for many years now, we have honed our skills to develop an innovative range of new waterborne base coats and clear coats. These are aimed at customers who demand high quality solutions such as: flexibility in designing colors and effects, compatibility with waterborne decals and typical powder primers.

ABS & Composites


To provide an environmental response to users of substrates whose application process is highly constrained by substrates with low temperature tolerance, we have developed a range of low-temperature waterborne base-coats that provide a high-end finish.

Originally designed for use as a single component, the performance of the system can be adapted in a two-component configuration.

Glass solutions


Glass industry remains a dynamic and diversified sector in terms of both production and coating needs.
Resulting from recent research programs entirely dedicated to waterborne technologies, our product range offers both protective solutions for specific industrial needs such as mirror industry and decorative solutions for interior lacquered glass, cosmetics or beverages.

Stainless steel


Resulting from a recent innovation in response to market developments, our 100% waterborne coating solution brings an additional decorative touch to stainless steel parts.
Essentially designed in semi-transparent tones, the coating allows the support to be to integrate it into a decor while respecting the quality of the material. Applied to brushed or mirror-polished surfaces, the coating provides a high-quality finishing and offers very good adhesion and impact resistance.

Smart coatings


Exceeding the initial expectations of paint systems dedicated to protection and embellishment, our desire to innovate drives us to develop intelligent coatings through which paint becomes the vehicle for additional functionalities to the substrate. In cooperation with startups, we are therefore studying the possibility of developing and expanding such systems in a range known as smart-coatings.

Intense color


IntenSeColors is a range of waterborne pigment pastes developed to meet the widest needs for color formulation in decorative coatings.